ENPL Qualification

The ENPL includes both member Elite Clubs National League conferences (ECNL conferences) and member National Premier Leagues (NPLs), providing multiple entry paths into the competition. ENPL competition includes 14-U, 15-U, 16-U, 17-U and 19-U boys age groups, and participating teams from two independent qualification paths: (i) qualifying teams from designated National Premier Leagues across the country; and (ii) qualifying teams from ECNL club-based conferences across the country. These teams will come together to compete for the ENPL National Championship in a two-stage postseason event in 2018.

While the NPL and the ECNL each determine their own regular season competition format, all qualifying leagues and conferences must meet ENPL guidelines on the minimum number of matches, basic roster and competition rules, and other development standards to insure a top quality environment. The ENPL has determined the total number of postseason berths and the postseason competition structure.

The inaugural ENPL Playoffs will be held in late June/early July 2018 in two locations – an East (Massachusetts) and West (San Diego) venue – where teams will be seeded based on their regular season performance. Playoff winners will advance to the ENPL National Championships in July 2018.

No teams are guaranteed entry into the ENPL Playoffs. Whether qualifying through an NPL or an ECNL conference, all teams will earn their place into the ENPL Playoffs through a full season of regular league play.