NPL History

US Club Soccer established the National Premier Leagues (NPL) in 2011 as a platform to provide the highest level of competition in given geographical areas.

Nine leagues kicked off play in September 2011 as part of the NPL's inaugural season. The season came to a close in July at the 2012 NPL Champions Cup, held in Waukegan, Ill., featuring league champions from across the country. Five teams from three leagues were crowned NPL national champions.

Now, the NPL has grown to include college showcase opportunities with its annual NPL Showcase (Girls) in Florida over the New Year's holiday and through partnerships with the Surf Cup and Jefferson Cup. The NPL Finals, formerly known as the NPL Champions Cup, continues to be a coveted, league-based national championship competition featuring 13-U through 18/19-U boys and girls teams from around the country.

Leo Garcia became the league's general manager in July 2014.

The Elite National Premier League, featuring 16 qualifying NPLs and Boys ECNL Conferences, officially began with the 2017-18 season. The ENPL provides local and national regular-season competition, national showcase events and postseason playoff competition for top teams across the country.